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Why "Obstacle to Peace"TM?

On Friday night, the 6th of Adar, (March 11, 2011), the Jewish people suffered a horrific loss.  In the town of Itamar, a mother, father and three of their six precious children were brutally murdered in their beds by Palestinian terrorists.  The world’s response to this vicious and savage terrorist attack was near silence.  Even as we reeled from and felt the huge loss from this tragedy, media outlets worldwide cited the terrorists as mere "assailants" while characterizing settlers as "obstacles to peace," a most evil 
"v'nahafoch Hu."

After the recent tragedy, two women  in Jerusalem started a most unusual fundraising project to IMMEDIATELY benefit the three surviving Fogel children, without the usual "red tape" associated with large organizations. These children have a long journey ahead of them on the road to healing and recovery. Although we're not be able to help them personally with their grief, here is a small but meaningful way to at least help them ease the financial burdens that lie ahead. Here's how you can help! We've created T-shirts printed with the statement "Apparently I am an Obstacle to Peace."  If Rav Udi and Ruth Fogel and Yoav, Elad and 4 month old baby Hadas Fogel are "obstacles to peace," then let us honor their deaths by saying proudly, "I too am an obstacle to peace."

May their memories be a blessing.  ה’ יקום דמם.

100% of the profits from T-shirt sales will be donated to the surviving Fogel children.

For more information/to place an order, please contact us.
Tizku L'Mitzvot!

Disclaimer: We are not an official fund or amuta (organization). 
We are simply individuals raising money to be given directly to the Fogel family.